With women around the world, menstrual cups have been increasing both in familiarity and popularity. Once, tampons were the only item chosen by women as a sanitary protection of choice. However, as time went on, menstrual cups began to be known as the better choice because of their benefit both to the body of the user and to the environment. There are many reasons why women all over the world have chosen menstrual cups over the other types of sanitary protection.


If you have tried using menstrual cups, you know that you can use one cup for a long time. You can even use your cup for up to a year, even more. You can surely save a lot of money if you choose menstrual cups because you can now save yourself from buying disposable products every month.


Menstrual cups are also wonderful for the environment. Disposable items are thrown away after each use, resulting in more trash thrown out into the environment. When you use the diva cup, however, you can help save the environment by not having to throw out so much trash each day.


Rubber is the most common material that is used to make menstrual cups. Because of this, there is no fear that some fibers would enter the vaginal wall from the product.



Menstrual cups can be worn at all times of the day and night. Women can wear them when they go to sleep at night. Also, women can wear them during the day, even while performing physical activities such as sports, walking, swimming, or yoga. Because of menstrual cups, women can be more active and protected, even during their period. A lot of additional information can also be acquired from,_Period.


Another benefit of menstrual cups is that women can monitor their own periods. When you use other types of sanitary products, you may find it difficult to keep track of your period as it is absorbed by the cotton or other fiber. With menstrual cups, on the other hand, which collect the period, women can easier keep track of it.


Menstrual cups also contain a lot of fluid. Because of this, you don't have to change very often, as you would have had to if using another type of sanitary product.


If you insert your cup properly, you may also gain a lot of comfort. It is so comfortable that you may even forget that you have one on as you go about your day to day activities. Because they don't cause any dryness and irritation, choosing them is certainly a beneficial thing to do.



Menstrual cups surely benefit everyone concerned, from women themselves to the environment around them. These are the wonderful benefits and reasons why a woman should start using menstrual cups. If you are searching for a menstrual cup comparison, you can refer here in the link for it.

Menstrual cups are truly on its continuous increase of popularity and is in fact now familiarized by so many women all over the world today. Tampons were considered to be the sanitary protection before and was the choice by millions of women all over the globe, but it is the menstrual cups now that are steadily increasing on popularity in the market and word is spreading about how better it is when compared with the disposable tampons, not only for the user but also to the environment as well.


This is the reason why there is a constant increase of women who wish to know more about the reason why menstrual cups are loved by many women so much. There is also the reason where they wish to know why women that have tried its use don't want to use the disposable tampons.


There are in fact various personal reasons to this, where the article below supplies the ten most common reasons.


These can in fact be used for a number of years and one is only needed for it, making this a cheaper options overall compared to the process of buying disposable sanitary pads every month.


This also has the advantage to where it is not thrown away after each use like the disposable options and makes it more environmentally friendly and is able to help reduce rubbish.


This is also a safer one to use because it doesn't cause toxic shock syndrome, which is considered to be a potentially serious condition which could be caused by using tampons.


The period cup is also made with rubber, which in fact helps to avoid the danger of fibers entering the vaginal wall, which happens with tampons.


This could also be worn at night and also during sporting activities which includes yoga and swimming.


Also, you are able to see and monitor your menstrual flow because this kind of menstrual cup actually collects and doesn't absorb it.


Another thing about menstrual cups is that they contain more fluid compared to tampons, which means that you will need to change it less.


The fact that it collects menstrual fluid means that it doesn't interfere with the healthy vaginal environment compared to how tampons work.


If it is inserted correctly, menstrual cups are reliable and comfortable and you will not even notice it.


Having to use menstrual cups will in fact less likely going to cause dryness and thrush, which is actually experienced mostly by women with tampons.



These are only some of the common reasons as to why more and more women are continuously using and preferring menstrual cups because of the various benefits and advantages that it has. If you wanted to learn more, have the initiative in visiting

Many women have been using either tampons or pads to be able to collect blood and to protect their clothing throughout menstruation for a number years. But, a menstrual cup can provide a woman with alternative to these conventional methods. Some are reusable and long lasting while others can be disposed after used.


Are you contemplating whether you must be using a menstrual cup or not?  These cups have flexible design and used in the vagina throughout the period in order to collect blood because of menstruation. The diva cup is actually collecting the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it not like what tampons or pads do.


It is either rubber or silicone materials where most menstrual cups are made. There are so many experts who are recommending women that if they're latex sensitive, they should be certain that they're buying a cup that's made from silicone. You could make use of cups all the way through your period but, you need to change it every now and then, particularly if you have heavy flow, which is crucial to guard leaks. The cleaning process for the menstrual cup is quite simple, you just have to remove it and rinse after 12 hours of used or perhaps, when leaking occurs.


Below are the countless menstrual cup benefits.


Number 1. Less landfill waste and more cost effective - a few of the cups are intentionally designed for long term usage. The truth is, some are meant to last for several years, which offers huge savings compared to pads and tampons. Since you could reuse them, there is less waste to clogging up landfills and at the same time, fewer trees sacrificed only to make paper-based alternatives. Before you decide to buy a reusable one, just always remember that a few of the cups are disposable and thus, you ought to read the label carefully.


Number 2. Less embarrassing odour - you won't have to worry on embarrassing odour coming from your menstrual discharge. The reason why this can be prevented is the fact that the fluid is not exposed to air as what it does with tampons and pads. Get the best help and suggestions from


Number 3. Lesser visits to pharmacy - even if you've replaced the cup once a year, you can still make lesser trips to the pharmacy than what you would do if you used disposable paper based methods.



Number 4. More time between changes - at least every 4 to 8 hours, depending on the flow of your cycle, you need to change your tampons. On the contrary to menstrual cups, it can last for up to 12 hours.

There are lots of reasons why using menstrual cups is becoming famous these days, and if you want to know why, just keep on reading this article for more information. Because of its benefits, lots of different women from around the world are now using and talking about it. In the past, most women preferred to used tampons whenever they experience their menstrual period. Because of the popularity of menstrual cups, most women these days prefer them over tampons. Since the release of menstrual cups in the market, it has remained to be the talk of the town among women around the world. If you don't know, the use of menstrual cups for women have good effects to the body and to the environment as well.


This article will discussed about the reasons why menstrual cups are better than others. First of all, you can use menstrual cups for many years, and all you need to do is to buy one. The other good thing with using menstrual cups is that you can save lots of money knowing that you only have to buy one and then use if for a long time, compared with using disposable sanitary pads and tampons. Aside from that, with the menstrual cups, you can still use it for a long time which is not good with tampons and others. The good thing with this is that you are putting less harm to the environment. This is possible because you are decreasing rubbish in the environment.


Aside from that, it is possible for women to no longer experience toxic shock syndrome just by using the menstrual cups. This kind of syndrome happens when a woman uses tampons, but with a menstrual cup, this will not happen. The other good thing with menstrual cups is that it is made of rubber. Because of this, you don't have to worry about debris that might go inside the vaginal wall of the woman just like with using tampons. In fact, there are also lots of women out there who use the menstrual cups at night. Aside from that, you can also use the menstrual cups when doing some activities like yoga, some sports, swimming and more.



 The other good thing about using the menstrual cups is that you can get the chance to know and monitor your monthly menstrual flow. This is very different from other sanitary protection because menstrual cups collect the blood instead of absorbing it like others. The other unique thing with menstrual cups is that it collects more fluids than others. Unlike others, there is no need for you to change the menstrual cups more often. Unlike others, menstrual cups don't absorb fluids but instead collect it. If this is the case, you can be assured that the environment of the vagina remains healthy. You can also learn a lot by reading an article from

If you have your period, then, you know that this monthly event can be uncomfortable and really irritating. Aside from that, you will also need to buy tampons or sanitary pads, you worry on toxic shock syndrome, as well as worries on tampon bleaching and all these factors can surely add up to the already unpleasant experience of having your menstruation. Providentially, women today now have another great option they can find in the market. This excellent option is identified as menstrual cup.


This amazing piece of equipment is a silicon cup that can be placed in the vaginal canal to gather your menstrual flow. The menstrual cup can be emptied after more or less, 10 hours. By making use of menstrual cups, there is no leakage, there will be no danger of toxic shock, you are not going to feel discomfort, there will be no harm obtained by your body, and most of all, you will not produce harmful trash. If you are going to make use of menstrual cups, then, a little adjustment is what you only need to make.


At the moment, you will surely find menstrual cups being offered anywhere so locating this device will not be difficult. You can go to various local stores near you that sell menstrual cups. In the event that you cannot find a good menstrual cup in your neighborhood, then, you can always purchase this device on the internet. In the present day, there are a lot of online stores which can present you with excellent menstrual cups. Simply make use of your favored search engine for you to find these online stores.


Choosing the correct size of menstrual cup is what you need to do next. You have two size options when it comes to menstrual cups. If you have no children or have not yet experienced a c-section procedure, then, the model 1 is what you need. You have to buy the model two if you are more than 30 years old, or you already have given birth, and /or had experienced c-section.



When you need to employ your menstrual cup, it is of great importance that your hands are very clean so wash them with soap and water. In addition, there is a need for you to systematically clean all your menstrual cups before employing them. Then again, if you find yourself inside a public restroom, naturally it is going to be difficult for you to clean your menstrual cup by means of the sink. If you encounter a situation like this, you can always utilize a clean dry or wet cloth to wipe and cleanse the menstrual cup before you insert it again. You can also go to for more information.